A woman’s Creed – 25 years after publication

Input und Gespräch, 90 Minuten (in deutscher und englischer Sprache)

Anne-Claire Mulder, Feministische Theologin 

Almost twenty five years ago, during the preparation of the fourth world conference on women in Beijing organized by the UN, a small group of women from different continents wrote a Credo, a Woman’s Creed. In this Creed they voiced their desire for a different world, for the good life for all.

As far as I know the text of this Creed is not widely known. I found it by chance, through the reference in a footnote, although it is a very strong statement of the desire, especially in the very poetic last paragraph. In this workshop I propose to read this Credo and to discuss if this statement of belief or faith can be translated into the here and now. Does it move our desire for the good life?

Zum Text: https://cws.journals.yorku.ca/index.php/cws/article/view/12093/11176


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